76 necromancer looking for a guild

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76 necromancer looking for a guild

Post by Mindylou » Sun Apr 24, 2011 2:47 am

My necromancer is Mindylou from stromm she is 76 necro with 239 aa in mostly dotting stuff. I am currently working aa till 500 is my plan. I understand the line between full dotting and semi dotting depending on the circumstances i do have most spells and and a few ee's. I am an experienced necro but real life has it where i work 2 different jobs and care for mom and dad so playtime can be a little rare at times. I also know well the classes of rogue, zerker and chanter. My few friends on the server cancelled their accounts over the years and looking to make new friends here. I am loveable and kind to all. I have no sod or hot progression but i do have my 2,0., I think the only sod that is worthwhile anymore is warrens for the T5 merc. I am aware the underfoot t2 armor is on par with hot 1, but i do not have either lol . If you want a helpful necro who can really destroy mobs, let me know. I look forward to meeting everyone. Hugs Mindylou

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Re: 76 necromancer looking for a guild

Post by Farzooma » Mon Apr 25, 2011 5:36 pm

Welcome to Blue Frost Mindylou,

Did you contact any of BF management online? if not someone will tag you along soon.

Welcome aboard. :D

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