Underfoot Tradeskill goodies - First glance

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Underfoot Tradeskill goodies - First glance

Post by Farzooma » Tue Dec 08, 2009 5:07 pm

Some of the new stuff expected to be in the new expansion (Reference is EQTraders website)

* New alchemy potions that help casters as poisons help players that use weapons.
* New baking recipes using Brell's Blessing.
* New brewing, also focusing on Brell's Blessing.
* New cultural armor. This armor is not compatible with existing cultural armor, though it uses many of the same components and acts similarly.
* A new metal and gem for Jewelry.
* New bows similar to the Fine weapons made with smithing and tailoring.
* New poisons for the rogues.
* Create ornaments with pottery, as well as group seals for cultural armor.
* Research spells and tomes from the Buried Sea.
* A new tinkered device to help with bags.

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