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Berserker AA Guide

Post by Setsuka » Mon Oct 27, 2008 1:31 pm

A friend of mine compiled a nice guide from several sources and I decided to copy it here for anyone that is interested.

Greetings Maniacs.

In this post i want to cover possible aa paths, concentrating on DPS (as that's what we're primarily here for ) and maximising general and burn (burst) DPS. Most importantly, please remember this is only a guide, the aa path you choose is completely your own choice and should be what works best for you.

I've taken reference from Sefi's Berserker University for this info, the best and most comprehensive zerker aa guide... EVER! Unfortunately the guide is 3 years old now, doesn't include new aa's introduced since then or take into account the complete restructure of the aa tables and rather than devise an update, it seems instead we argued over who's Mom is He-man...


Anyway, here goes

Firstly there's the obligatory 6 aa's in General: Run Speed, Regen, Metabolism, etc. - This is not the case now it seems
Then we get straight into the important stuff

Combat Fury I
Combat Fury II
Combat Fury III
Flurry I
Ferocity I
Ferocity II
Ferocity III
Punishing Blade I
Flurry II
Flurry III
Ingenuity I
Tactical Mastery I
Stalwart Endurance I

Untamed Rage I - Our first aa based dps disc. Required at rank 3 to begin the Cascading Rage line of aa's.

Combat Agility I
Combat Stability I
Natural Durability I - Although this is primarily a path to best DPS, defensives have been included as a necessity as we do get hit from time to time. If the tank goes down, chances are you're next in line for a beating and if we can hold our own for a time, then it's all good. I'd like to be a road block, not a speed bump

Blur of Axes I

Physical Enhancement
Combat Agility II
Combat Stability II
Combat Agility III
Combat Stability III
Natural Durability II
Natural Durability III
Planar Durability I
Planar Durability II
Planar Durability III - Completes Tier 1 defensives (yawn).

Combat Fury IV
Flurry IV
Combat Fury V
Punishing Blade II
Combat Fury VI
Flurry V
Veterans Wrath I
Punishing Blade III
Veterans Wrath II
Flurry VI
Veterans Wrath III
Untamed Rage II

Ferocity IV
Blur of Axes II
Ferocity V
Blur of Axes III
Ferocity VI
Punishing Blade IV
Punishing Blade V
Untamed Rage III

Weapon Affinity I
Punishing Blade VI
Veterans Wrath IV
Veterans Wrath V
Veterans Wrath VI
Flurry VII
Weapon Affinity II
Flurry VIII
Weapon Affinity III
Flurry IX

Ingenuity II
Blinding Fury I
Throwing Mastery I
Blinding Fury II
Throwing Mastery II
Blinding Fury III
Throwing Mastery III
Weapon Affinity IV
Cascading Rage I
Dead Aim I
Cascading Rage II
Dead Aim II
Cascading Rage III
Dead Aim III
Weapon Affinity V

Savage Spirit I
Punishing Blade VII
Reckless Abandon I
Savage Spirit II
Punishing Blade VIII
Reckless Abandon II
Savage Spirit III
Punishing Blade IX
Reckless Abandon III
Ingenuity III

That's probably the most important aa's covered (before you lose the will to live! ) There is a couple of important one's that i'll cover later, that can be fitted in where ever you see fit. Further aa spend would complete the lines of Flurry, Ingenuity, Defensives, remaining Offensives and aa Discs (Blinding Fury, Cascading Rage, Savage Spirit, etc). Also such aa's as Origin and other misc can be inserted as you feel you need them. As stated earlier, this is only a guide, and you should choose your aa's as best fits your play style.



Ok, onto two fairly important aa's, especially if your planning on raiding.

Cry of Battle - This aa gives you the ability to MGB (or AoE if you like) your Battle Cry, making it available to everyone in the raid. Very nice

Echoing Cries - At rank 3 this will double the duration of your battle cry, but more importantly, it's required before you can purchase MGB battle cry.

I usually fire this off before anything else on the assist of the main raid target for the night. It has an unmodified refresh of 1hr 12mins, so needs to be saved for the main target if we're hitting multiple raid mobs in an evening, i.e. CoA.

As the number of raiding Zerkers grows, we can obviously work it out amongst ourselves when/who fires off MGB.


General DPS

K, my thoughts on general group or raid dps.

You want your Atk as high as possible so i try to get either Beastlord Spiritual Vivacity or Ranger Gnarl of the Predator & Strength of the Gladewalker. Personally i prefer the Ranger buffs, just because it's more Atk (sorry Wewere ) Also if you can tame a Shaman, get them to chain you with their Champion line. As well as that Shaman Focus and Mammoths Strength are nice to have.

lvl70 Aura (Bloodlust Aura) for the group Crit damage boost.

I highly recommend trying to complete the 68.1 - 5 DoDH missions. The reward is a disc called Cry Havoc which gives an increase to the rate your group will melee crit, and it's very noticable. Quick cast, low end use, 1 min duration, fire it on every mob.

Epics, click them when ever they are refreshed. 2.0 has a 3 min refresh and an effect similar to Cry Havoc. It does not stack with Cry Havoc however, so i'd click this over firing the disc.

Frenzy and Volley I fire off continuously, both have about a 12 sec refresh. It's rumoured that Volley will land more often if you are attacking from behind, so fight for space with those Rogues.


Burn (Burst) DPS

This depends alot on what aa discs you have available, but for maximum Burn go for:

War Cry + Epic click followed immediately with
Reckless Abandon + Savage Spirit + Cascading Rage
when Savage Spirit fades hit
Berserking + Blinding Fury
Berserking fades and hit
Cleaving Anger
finish with
Vengeful Flurry

annnnd rest.

Remember to hit Cry Havoc whilst Epic is refreshing.

When using Blinding Fury, i always hit a hotkey that informs my group i'm blind. Apart from the obvious benefits of this, i.e. your group gets to respond with 'quick, lets gate/run away/kick him in the arse, it also warns them that i won't be chasing the mob around if it moves much. Hopefully then the tank can try and keep the mob fairly static, or if you scream you're out of range, they can quickly tell you which direction to move, compass directions are prolly easiest. In a raid situation there's prolly not a lot anyone can do if you find yourself out of range of the mob. Tbh, the first couple of times you hit Blinding in a raid is a test of nerves, lol

If your still working towards these aa's, then see what works best for you. You might have to run with Berserking and Blinding first, then Cleaving, then whatever you have available afterwards, a bit of experimenting is good


Finally (phew!) The Grrrrr disc

Possibly my favourite disc. Relieves the boredom of the grind, cheers up groupmates, and most importantly, makes you look well 'ard.

'Grrrrr Rk. II' is the normal, but for special occasions and impressing the ladies 'GGGRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr Rk. IV' is a winner.

Only available to Zerkers, obviously.

line1 /Assist #Tank name#
line2 /say GRRrrrrrr Rk. II
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