80 SK App ,,, T'Shanik

Applying to BF?

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80 SK App ,,, T'Shanik

Post by TSHANIK » Wed Jul 21, 2010 12:19 am

1. Who is your sponsor? (If you do not have one confirmed yet, put none). Smatin

2. Playtime:
In an average week, how much time do you play EverQuest? As often as I can or I pass out at key board :)
Weekday hours played from: 5pm to: 12pm
Weekend hours played from: wakeup to: Fall asleep
What time zone do you live in? CST ,,, TEXAS !!!
Days you don't or can't play: Sunday mornings and afternoons sometimes
Have you read the Guild Charter and can make 50% or more of the assigned raid days/times? Yes I can :)

3. Character Information/Stats:
Name: T'Shanik
Class: ShadowKnight
Level: 80
Unbuffed HP: 21k +/-
Unbuffed Mana: 22k +/-
Unbuffed AC (tank/melee):
# of AAs: 130
Resists: Poi: 529 Dis: 501 Fire: 537 Cold: 472 Magic: 488

EQ Days Played? Um over 10 years ? I didnt count , lol :)

Do you understand that using third party programs (Hacking) is prohibited in Everquest and if and BF member is found using such a program, this would result in an immediate deguilding from BF? Yes I do

Have you read and meet all general requirements and class specific requirements posted? If not, please state which requirements are not met at this time.

Include the address (URL) and/or ID# of this character's updated Magelo profile here.

4. Keys/Flags: Working on Void

Which other keyed or flag restricted areas do you have access to? None

Do you have all expansions? Yes, and all the patches that mess them up too !!

Required AA line :

5. Character Progress:
What is your current AA status, and what are your plans for your AA training? 130 , soling in TSR, FoS

Have you completed epic 1.5 or 2.0? If not, what is your epic status. 2.0

What goals do you have for your main character over the next month, 6 months and year?
6 months: Get Void completed
Year: Max all AA

7. Please list the name, class and level of alts and/or bots of significance (please specify if they are an alt or a bot). If none, please put none. None

8. Does anyone else ever play your character(s)? No, no , and NO

9. What would you say was the hardest thing you've ever accomplished as a player? getting my 2.0 completed finally after 3 yrs with 5 people ;)

10. Where have you raided before? Have you lead raids? I used to be a raid leader on Rallos Zek back in the day in 2000-03

11. Tell us about your characters background, what guilds on Stromm have you been in and why have you left? I have and am in no guilds on Luclin-Stromm

12. Why are you applying to Blue Frost and not any other guild? Interested in being in a guild, see what I can learn, contribute to as far as people and guild and get void done

13. How would you rank loot/fame/hanging out with friends in order of importance? Loot is need-befor-greed, senority and DKP, fame no idea, hanging out is helping each other, learning about each other's play style, charater and uniquiness

14. Tell us about yourself. Give us some insight who the player behind the character is. Retired amry, 20 yrs, former oil field worker, drive a cement truck locally , enjoy building, painting models, reading science, astronomy, physics, swimming, hiking, camping, BBQing, cooking, driving my PU and shooting my guns and playing with my dog :)

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Re: 80 SK App ,,, T'Shanik

Post by Smatin » Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:54 pm

Welcome to BF Tshanik. Let s see if both sides get allong with eachother and have some fun.

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