Bloody Kithicor Tasks List.

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Bloody Kithicor Tasks List.

Postby kerzaab » Thu Nov 20, 2008 7:26 am

Dears all,

Grats to all who have done OGH progressiong , and those that are still on it we will offer you a hand to do so in order to progress on SOD together, which will end up Unlocking Very nice gears $$$$$$. :D

here is a checklist contains 4 tasks that should be done to end up Bloody Kithicor Preogression i wish you all the best.

With the agents exposed and the Light having an edge in the fight, the timeline is restored.

[ ] Destory the Impostor.
[ ] Rain of Ruin.
[ ] Safe Passage.
[ ] Bitter Victuals.

i haven't started it yet and i would love to progress along with you guys :D
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